Edgars Kebbe - SEO Expert with a Strong Background in eCommerce

My Story

I fell in love with information technologies at a young age. In my teens, I worked a summer job at a tech company where I first began developing my computer and website development skills.

Edgars Kebbe helping mother with PC (1997.)

Like many my age, I thought studying at a university was the next step. However, I soon discovered that success in life isn’t always a straight path.

I didn’t fit in with the university culture and ended up dropping out. I’ve learned and grown a lot since then, but at the time, I felt I could gain so much more experience (and learn quicker) by immersing myself in real-world jobs. Though I value education and learning, at the time I was eager to apply my skills (which inevitably led to mistakes, but that’s why I’m here to help you avoid those!).

Fast forward to 2008. Like many people, the economic crisis hit me hard. It happened right when my first child was born.

I found myself without work and needing money fast to care for my 2-month-old. I made a life change and moved to Norway, sadly separating from my family temporarily to support them financially.

It was a tough time in my life. I didn’t have a permanent residence and ended up sleeping in a friend’s kitchen while I worked a steady job at a factory to pay the bills. As a way to cope, I poured myself into learning about project management, information architecture, user experience, digital marketing, and everything else I could. My passion for computers was reawakened.

I devoted every waking hour of my free time—whether early in the morning before work or late at night—to reading and researching websites and eCommerce.

I was relentless in my pursuit of knowledge, and I eventually began taking freelance projects for nonprofits and a few other companies to expand my experience. Slowly, I advanced myself, taking on roles with increasing responsibilities until I was managing large-scale eCommerce projects for big businesses. Once I felt ready, I started my eCommerce consulting agency and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, I am working on eComStrive to make it a top resource for eCommerce professionals. And I continue to practice what I teach. I still do Discovery projects to help companies understand what they need to make their eCommerce stores a success. I also work with my team on SEO projects because I’m committed to continually using what I’ve learned to strengthen old skills and discover new ones.

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