17 eCommerce Blog Ideas – Where to Find Writing Inspiration

Edgars Kebbe

Updated February 1, 2023

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to improve positioning, get more traffic, build trust, and establish a close relationship with customers. So how do you achieve it? With a blog post!

Yes, creating fresh content help you build trust, educate your customers to make better decisions, and increase your sales.

Today I present you with an easy guide with 17 blog post ideas, so you know where to look and what to write about.

Let’s get started!

Why Start Blogging in eCommerce? – Reasons and Benefits

Based on my experience, eCommerce site owners and digital marketing experts beginners are usually limited to a blog post describing product features, as a result, they miss tons of chances to grow:

  1. Build Online Authority– Offering an original, well-researched, in-depth, and credible blog post allows you to earn the respect of your target audience.
  2. Generate Organic Traffic and Attract New Customers– Blogging statistics show that “companies who write blog posts receive 97% more traffic to their website” (SEOtribunal).
  3. Closer customer relationships and engagement -You can create a bond with your customers; they identify with your brand. 
  4. Sets Friendly Customer Service – You can solve your customers’ doubts about your products with a new blog post.
  5. Creates New Opportunities – Content marketing helps you reach more people, not only those interested in buying your products.
  6. Organize Your Thoughts and Learn – you will learn and understand your audience better and know how to communicate better.
  7. Educate Your Customers – your audience will learn to identify quality products, make good use and get the most out of them.
  8. Be Different from Competitors – writing an entertaining and quality blog post, beyond just trying to sell a product, boost your brand image, and stand out over competitors!
  9. Build Your Online Brand – helps you grab your audiences’ attention and allows them to recognize you and understand all the services and products you offer.
  10. Motivate Your Audience – you can help your audience to make a significant change in their life and try something new by using your products.
  11. Increase your profit: In a recent blogging survey “57% of marketers say they’ve gained customers specifically through blogging” (SEOtribunal).

Where To Find Fresh eCommerce Blog Post Ideas

Where To Find Fresh eCommerce Blog Post Ideas

Not sure how-to posts? The biggest fear of all of us who create content for digital marketing is “the blank page,” that terrifying moment where you have no idea what to write about.

Well, find writing inspiration and blog post ideas for eCommerce sites through: 

  1. Keyword Research: search terms trending in your niche can be a great starting point. Learn all you need about eCommerce keyword research. 
  2. Frequent Questions Your Customers Ask: Answer your customers’ questions and try to satisfy their needs in your new blog post.
  3. Listen To Your Sales Team: blog post about sales experience and what queries prospects have had during the buying process.
  4. Communicate With the Customer Support Team: find out the most frequent questions from users once they have purchased your products. What do they want to know?
  5. Google Search Page: use your search engine to get company blog post suggestions through autocomplete predictions or people also asked and Related searches. 
  6. Forums: get the most out of user comments, likes, dislikes, and what they’re looking for to get blog ideas.
  7. Competitor Website Organic Keywords– What terms rank your competitor’s blog post. Don’t copy their content! But use it as a reference for blog ideas.  
  8. Share Your Experiences: talk directly to them about the process of creating your products, offer advice, and share your knowledge.

What You Can Write About- Great Blog Post Ideas For Commerce

What You Can Write About- Great Blog Post Ideas For Commerce

Product Release & Sales Announcements

Breaking news about upcoming events or a new product in blog posts piques customers’ interest. How to use it, the release date, and where they can buy it. Don’t forget to inform the payment methods! Offer a discount to the first people interested in purchasing your product.

Product Comparisons, Reviews, Demos, And Test

One of the blog ideas shows your readers that you know your market and what you are talking about. Objectively writing a blog post about similar products and their advantages and disadvantages are vital to gaining your readers’ trust. Use your wit, humor, and creativity!

My Brand Vs. Competitors’ Brands

Yes, I know nobody likes to be compared! But writing blog posts and making an objective list about the qualities of your brand vs. other similar brands in the market better illustrate to consumers why you are the winning choice. Moreover, such posts tell them what makes you unique!  

Human Focus – Your Company Culture and Values

Blog posts aim at the human focus of your brand; this is crucial to get the audience to identify with it. For example, a company blog post that explains to your readers your work ethic, contribution to the community, values, and why you work the way you do is a fundamental competitive difference. 

User Stories and Experience with Your Products

Nothing more potent than a blog post with a use case to gain credibility! It’s not just about “sharing testimonials”! It’s about telling real consumer situations that your audience can relate to. The customer has to feel identified.

What Is Trendy

Breaking news! Keep your readers updated with the latest innovations in the market, create a blog post about new launches, products that are trending, expectations with the new models, and what needs they will satisfy. 

How-To’s- DIY Tutorials

Take advantage of the popularity of DIY! Offer step-by-step explanations blog posts to your customers, and create valuable knowledge where you show them dynamically and interactively how to solve a problem, such as how to maintain your products or even how to repair them. 

Create Content for Each Season

You can create content related to a specific season is an excellent option on this list of blog post topic ideas to position yourself in a particular period. For example, think about fun posts for summer, Christmas, or Black Friday shopping and discounts. There are dozens of blog ideas!

List-Post – Product Roundups

An ingenious way to attract visitors is to create content where you group and qualify closely related products in list posts. The purpose? To help your readers make the best buying decision among several similar options. They are very popular according to Backlinko Content Study “list posts get an average of 218% more shares than “how-to” posts” (Backlinko).

How You Develop Your Product

Include it in your list of blog topic ideas! Say to your customers how your products are designed for their needs. How you brainstorm what you were looking for at the beginning, your discoveries as you explore the market, and real person concerns.

Valuable Tips and Easy Tricks

A significant eCommerce blog idea! Your audience is always looking for fun everyday hacks that they can try at home. Keep it simple! Write posts giving valuable advice on how to do something in the best way and in just seconds. 

How to take home the perfect product

Create content that allows your readers to select the right products to meet their needs and explain the advantages it has for them and how it improves their life. Be sure to talk about quality-price relations, and highlight the brands and their production standards to assess their superiority.

Product Teardown – Get inside out 

Take a look inside out! Writing product teardown helps your audience understand how your product works, unveil the whole internal process, and explain why it’s designed and built the way it is. 

Customers Feedback – Survey Results

An influential blog idea-sharing customer feedback has a massive impact on your audience. Why? Because it tells them how satisfied your customers are after receiving your product or completing your service. It’s the best recommendation you can get!

Talk About Your Products Benefits 

You can start writing about what makes your product or service interesting, what problems they solve, and explain any positive impact on the customer’s experience interacting with them. Again, emphasize whether customers will notice immediate or long-term benefits. 

List Present and Gift Ideas

We always look for views or details to show our loved ones why they are unique. So take advantage of this need! Keep an editorial calendar with the best content ideas for each season, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and so many others!

How do your products answer a customer’s need?

What does a customer want? More time? Do a task without much effort? Highlight the customer’s pain points, let them know you understand how they think and what they need, and that you were there before! And tell them how your product pleasantly satisfies that latent need.

When Writing a Blog, You Should Keep in Mind:

When Writing a Blog, You Should Keep in Mind:

Who Is Your Target Customer?

Knowing who you want to offer your product or service to allows you to improve the search for blog post ideas for eCommerce and adapt them to your audience. Are they Millenials, Gen Z? This will help you to create meaningful content and avoid unnecessary efforts when promoting your eCommerce.

When Choosing What to Write About, Think About The Audience

The best way to start your ideas for blog topics eCommerce is to ask yourself questions. Who are you targeting? What content will interest my audience? Technical or informal language? What needs or doubts may your audience have? All this is to know how to communicate with them. 

Find Relevant Keywords for Your Niche

Finding relevant keywords for your niche is essential when you list blog topic ideas. It helps you create content that can position you in search engines; by omitting them, you will lose visits and even worse conversions!

Do a Keyword Research

Doing previous keyword research is essential when writing blog posts, especially to achieve titles and content with higher chances of getting organic visits to your product page. Use the best keyword research tools to improve the way you post.

Start to search, and the path will reveal itself!

When you start researching topics or ideas for your eCommerce blog, you could go through annoying author’s block or be overwhelmed by the many ideas available. So you don’t know where to start or what to write, and you have no idea how much content you should offer your readers for each post. However, don’t get stressed! Inspiration will come more quickly as you deepen your niche research.

I also recommend you try AI writing tools. They can become your best allies as they help you generate fun and quality content faster, structure and organize your ideas better, and get a focus content strategy.

Are you ready to look for a blog idea for your eCommerce site? Do you know how to post now? 

Let me know all about it in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do blogs help eCommerce?

Yes, blog posts help you increase company sales and build loyalty. It is a very appropriate means of communication to inform customers about new products, their benefits, and offers, optimize interaction with users, receive feedback, and creates a closer relationship.

How does blogging affect eCommerce?

It has a positive impact according to 64% of marketers who report successfully using content marketing to generate sales and revenue” (Content Marketing). It helps to drive traffic to your eCommerce site and increases the chances of sales.

How do you know if your blog is successful?

You know your blog is successful when it increases your eCommerce site organic traffic from Google and if you have built customer trust, gained online authority, and become a reference for users and even for your competitors.

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