19 Best eCommerce Platforms in 2023

Edgars Kebbe

Updated January 31, 2023

Choosing the best eCommerce platform will help you build a solid marketing strategy, get an excellent design for your website, and improve your customers’ shopping experience. It also automates inventory management, order processing, and transaction fees to make it easier for you to get a foothold in the marketplace.

While many options offer all the features needed to launch an e-commerce website, you must choose based on your ideas, capital, and online business purposes. This article will list the 19 best eCommerce platforms in 2023. Let’s do it!

What is an eCommerce platform?

It is a CMS software (Customer Management System) used to manage the digital content of your online store. It allows store owners to create product cards, buy through a parameterized point of sale, have a cart with all the selected products, and easily add items to the catalog.

An eCommerce platform allows you to build your online store with the foundations already consolidated to boost your customer support.

So you only have to worry about adapting the website to your actual needs!

What are the best eCommerce platforms to launch your online store?

Ecommerce platforms are the most intuitive and efficient solution to quickly set up your online store. The best thing? There is no need to be a professional in coding to set up your store through this modality. Discover the 19 best eCommerce platforms!

1. Wix eCommerce


It is a perfect sample of the best eCommerce platforms for a small business; you can create your online store at no cost in its basic version. In addition, you can opt for the eCommerce website builder premium version if you need additional features.


  • The basic version includes domain and hosting with 50 GB of storage to create an online store with a good look and responsive design in desktop and mobile versions.
  • You do not need to know programming to create your online store. It offers drag-and-drop features and more than 500 templates: landing pages, product and service portfolios or professional blogs, and even logo design.
  • Wix shines among eCommerce platforms when setting up an online store for the first time or having a limited budget; you can get a great-looking website with videos, images, and effects combined with powerful SEO tools and 24/7 customer support.

Users: 200M
Pricing: $215 per month.
Trial period: 14 days.

Expand your sales!

2. Shopify


It is one of the most brilliant eCommerce platforms because it allows you to have an online store ready to go online in a few minutes and without the need of having a programming and design team behind you. Shopify eCommerce website builder leaves everything prepared for you, so you only have to worry about your online business.


  • It helps store owners to launch their online store in less than an hour.
  • The cost of the Shopify eCommerce store subscription includes everything, even storage.
  • Its open-source eCommerce platform syncs with Instagram and Facebook stores.
  • It is one of the most outstanding eCommerce platforms to use as a store manager as it has excellent sales analytics power, traffic acquisition channels, and 24/7 customer support.

Pricing: $29 per month.
Trial period: 14 days free trial.

Let’s build an eCommerce business!

3. WooCommerce


Woocommerce website builder is an open-source plugin that integrates into a WordPress site for free. It has many free or paid templates to launch your online store, but you can also customize your own. In addition, Woocommerce is an SEO-friendly eCommerce platform, one of the most outstanding, so it will help your store get a much better position.


  • You don’t have to pay a subscription to have its services; you will only have to pay for the web hosting and custom domain!
  • It is easy to use an eCommerce website if you have already worked with a WordPress site.
  • Its eCommerce features are much more customizable than the leading competitors. It is scalable, so you can modify it as your sales grow, and it integrates with Mailchimp, tax jar, and Google ads, becoming one of the best eCommerce platforms.
  • You can add payment gateways such as credit cards or PayPal Stripes completely free.

Users: 7M
Pricing: $15 per month.
Trial period: 30 days free trial.

Join a fast-growing community!

4. Squarespace


Squarespace is a platform for creating a basic online store that you can easily manage on your own because it does not require programming skills. In addition, the company takes care of security, maintenance, updates, etc. At the same time, you take care of your online business.


  • Squarespace eCommerce platforms include a catalog of pre-designed templates from which you can create your online store.
  • You will have your free web domain during the first year of the annual eCommerce store contract or use the one you have registered with another company. As for web hosting, all plans have a cloud hosting eCommerce space with unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • Square eCommerce website space integrates marketing tools: email marketing, responsive websites, SEO tools, metrics, etc.

Users: N/A
Pricing: $14 per month.
Trial period: N/A

Get started on the road to success!

5. Square Online


Square Online is a cloud-based eCommerce solution that provides small businesses with tools to design websites, manage online stores, and offer better customer support. For example, professionals can create custom banners by adding headlines, background images, or layouts and use the preview function to examine saved changes.


  • Square online lets you create an attractive online storefront, add digital products to the eCommerce store, sort them into catalogs, and include additional information such as section titles, images, taglines, or prices.
  • Its enterprise eCommerce solution provides an overview of online stores through practical analytics, such as website visits, page views, orders, and conversion rates.
  • Users can determine the quantity and weight of shipping items and process online transactions according to industry regulations.
  • Its eCommerce website offers you integration with Instagram and Facebook, allowing small businesses to showcase and sell online products on social media and a suite of SEO.

Users: N/A
Pricing: $12 per month.
Trial period: N/A

Innovate your online selling!

6. BigCommerce


Bigcommerce makes it easy to create your own online store by subscribing, and the best part? You won’t pay for each transaction. The platform has many templates to choose from, and many are free. Its versatility and power have made companies like Skullcandy and Camelbak rely on this open-source eCommerce platform.


  • BigCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms that offer you a drag-and-drop website creation feature, so you should not worry about technical knowledge.
  • The eCommerce website allows you to create a unique customer experience as you can customize the sales process step by step and even create coupons and promotions.
  • It gives you access to different themes for your website in HTML, CSS, and Javascript versions.
  • With BigCommerce, you can create a fully optimized and responsive mobile version of your eCommerce store.
  • It offers you the ability to preview your eCommerce business before launching it online, thanks to its Stencil CLI.
  • Its eCommerce software integrates with tools like WordPress and accepts payments online like apple pay, Amazon, PayPal, and more.

Users: 60K
Pricing: tailored.
Trial period: N/A

Meet the new era of sales!

7. Web.com


Web.com is the ideal eCommerce solution for small business owners and individuals looking for a simple, no-frills website that they can create and maintain themselves. In particular, Web.com’s “We build it for you” option is an excellent choice to cover basic business needs if you don’t have the time, energy, and energy to design your website.


  • It is the best eCommerce platform as it offers you over 2500 different template designs to review.
  • Web.com eCommerce website provides tools to track your site statistics.
  • Its eCommerce platforms allow you to accept payments from almost all major credit card companies, plus other platforms, including Paypal.
  • In addition to adding digital products and managing orders, you can keep track of your customers and send them marketing messages in your eCommerce store.

Users: N/A
Pricing: $13.95 per month.
Trial period: N/A

Build a strong business!

8. Yo! Kart


Yo! Kart is a multi-vendor system aimed at launching an online marketplace where customers can purchase digital products from multiple vendors. It is most popular among startups for offering value to small businesses with low investment to design their eCommerce store.


  • Its eCommerce platform has an integrated currency converter so you can process online payments in different currencies or set transaction fees.
  • The eCommerce software uses MSN, automatically translating the content into more than 70 languages.
  • It allows you to organize buyers, sellers, or affiliates to improve your customer support.
  • The drag-and-drop functionality helps you regularly update your content, images, and content.
  • The eCommerce website has an integrated tax module in the invoicing of orders.

Users: 2K
Pricing: $999 one-time payment
Trial period: N/A

Start selling online!

9. Volusion


Volusion combines the simplicity of Shopify web creation in conjunction with the real-time changes of Wix, plus the ability to make it 100% customizable by being able to change CSS languages.


  • Volusion is the best eCommerce platform if you need dropshipping tools that help you find thousands of products, compare retail and wholesale prices, and add your choices with just a few clicks.
  • The mobile app allows you to update prices, take photos of products, and inventory management from your phone.
  • Volusion’s analytical toolkits and free themes are a great addition to the overall package. They provide deep insight into your eCommerce store, helping you manage your online business better and scale as needed.

Users: N/A
Pricing: $35 per month.
Trial period: 14-day free trial

The easiest way to sell online!

10. PrestaShop


PrestaShop is a hosted eCommerce platform that includes product management features, multiple payment options, and customizable checkout pages, ideal for small businesses so they can start selling online in mere seconds.


  • PrestaShop eCommerce site has a straightforward drag-and-drop control panel that you will be able to start using quickly.
  • You have the Prestashop Ready mode, with which you will have the web-ready in a few minutes in the same line as other platforms, e.g., Shopify.
  • PrestaShop is the best eCommerce platform if you need advanced product management settings, a point of sale with multiple payment processing options in different currencies, and transaction fees.
  • It gives you support queries directly on the platform.

Users: 300K
Pricing: $4.99 per month.
Trial period: Free Plan available

Exploit the full power of your business!

11. MyDukaan

mydukaan-platform-that-simplifies-the-website-creation process

My Dukaan eCommerce site is an excellent choice if you look for an accessible platform that simplifies the website creation process. In addition, it offers you essential and less complicated features, which are more than enough for a small business to thrive.


  • MyDunkaan is one of the most compressive eCommerce platforms for beginners and offers you an online store and android mobile apps.
  • Its hosted eCommerce platform has several gateway options for order and inventory management, with a user-friendly dashboard to know all your customer data.
  • It offers you different search engine optimization functions, and you can add plug-ins like google analytics and Facebook pixel.

Users: 1M
Pricing: $9,99 per month.
Trial period: 14-day free trial.

Make your business real!

12. Weebly


Weebly is one of the best sites to create a professional-looking website. Its drag-and-drop and point-of-sale features stand out to design what we want or “what you see is what you get.”


  • On the Weebly eCommerce platform, there are a variety of free themes and templates available to design a website that gives what you and your users need.
  • You can create a gallery and set up a slideshow to present images attractively.
  • It stands out from other eCommerce platforms with a form builder that allows you to create surveys and information gathering material.
  • You can see data on which pages have the most traffic, how many people visit your site, etc.

Users: 40M
Pricing: $25 per month.
Trial period: Free plan available.

Get a robust web design!

13. Shift4Shop eCommerce platform


 Shift4Shop is a good choice that offers a high-quality point of sale, reporting tools, gift certificates, live chat software, and other notable features, which is ideal if you are on a tight budget.


  • Shift4Shop eCommerce site offers you a website builder and the ability to customize your store with over 100 templates and free themes via CSS and HTML.
  • You can add digital products, pages, categories, and blog posts.
  • It is one of the eCommerce platforms that lets you upload images, mark up standard and sale prices, and tag items for standard or free shipping on a product page.
  • Shift4Shop eCommerce platform integrates with 100 other payment gateways, such as Authorize.net, BitPay, Dwolla, and PayPal, including transaction fees.

Users: 200K
Pricing: $29 per month.
Trial period: 15-day free trial.

Lunch, your business!

14. Zyro


While Zyro is somewhat new to this list of eCommerce platforms, it has quickly proven as the best eCommerce solution. With a focus on being beginner-friendly and with many outstanding features, Zyro allows you to build your online store in minutes.


  • Zyro eCommerce functionality is very affordable with free web hosting.
  • Its eCommerce platform offers you a free custom domain for the first year of the professional subscription.
  • It gives you tools based on artificial intelligence for online marketing, such as the business name generator or the content generator, making a difference from other eCommerce platforms.
  • Zyro offers transaction fees and multiple payment options, and many of the free themes available are designed specifically for use in online stores.

Users: 250K
Price: $8.90 per month.

An intelligent way to sell!

15. Sellfy


Sellfy is a cloud-hosted eCommerce platform designed specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs who produce and sell online products. An example of eCommerce platforms includes anything from eBooks and music to illustrations and more.


  • A Sellfy add eCommerce functionality is that you can create a custom showcase to display your products online and upload 2G per file using unlimited bandwidth.
  • You can use it to sell online products through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or any social network.
  • Sellfy eCommerce platform allows you to create personalized purchase email marketing automatically sent to your customers.

Pricing: $29 per month.
Trial period: 14-day free trial.

Let’s sell now!

16. Ecwid eCommerce platform

ecwid- e-commerce-platform-that-adds-cloud-storage-to-your-own-website

It is an e-commerce platform that adds cloud storage to your own website. However, unlike the previous options, you need an existing website to install your e-commerce.


  • Ecwid’s eCommerce platform allows you to upload up to 2500 products and 25GB per archive.
  • As the most popular eCommerce platform, it offers unlimited bandwidth.
  • The creation of the online stores is instantaneous; you can create discount coupons, tax invoices, and more.
  • Ecwid eCommerce features integrate into WordPress or Wix pages or other tools.

Users: N/A
Pricing: $15 per month
Trial period: Free plan available

Reach millions of people!

17. ShopBase eCommerce platform


It is one of the brand-new eCommerce sites that has been around since June 2019. It is recognized as a great tool if you are dropshipping and look to white label your products.


  • ShopBase eCommerce platform offers you fully customizable and mobile-optimized storefronts created by a reputable design team.
  • Each page comes with its unique settings for online stores, and you can also edit the HTML and CSS of each page.
  • It offers eCommerce functionality such as abandoned cart recovery emails to encourage visitors to complete their payments.

Users: 78.5K
Pricing: $19 per month.
Trial period: 14 days.

Build a profitable business!

18. nopCommerce

nopcommerce-create-complex-applications-for-small-business owners

nopCommerce website builder is a free platform based on Microsoft technology that reduces the code needed to create complex applications for small business owners. Its new technology, native optimization, and just-in-time compilation for online stores increase the performance of large websites.


  • Its eCommerce platform requires a developer with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS knowledge to develop responsive, high-quality eCommerce sites.
  • Like most eCommerce platforms, it lets you upload unlimited products and manage multiple stores and vendors from one place. In addition, you can calculate shipping rates and use its integrated marketing tools.
  • nopCommerce offers you a free mobile version of your website with no additional coding required.

Users: 250K
Pricing: Free Plan
Trial period: unlimited.

Revolutionize the way you sell!

19. Selz eCommerce platform


Selz is a fully functional online store and website builder that makes it easy to sell on all sales channels, including existing websites. For example, you can embed your products on any website or blog and quickly sell them on social media and Google Shopping from one dashboard.


  • It is one of the eCommerce platforms that gives you unlimited storage, bandwidth, analytics, discount codes, and many third-party integrations for your online store.
  • Its eCommerce platform allows you to add products, shopping buttons, and different widgets to your existing site.
  • Selz eCommerce features include email marketing and chat support, and in addition, each user has an account manager for the online store.

Users: N/A
Pricing: $26 per month.
Trial period: 14 days.

Get big online!

Final thought

You can create your online store in just a few clicks! However, it does not mean that all eCommerce platforms are the same. Choosing the website builder option that best fits your business ideas, goals, and budget is vital. Today we present 19 great examples of the best eCommerce platform, but the decision is yours alone.

What do you think are the best eCommerce platforms? Do you recommend any eCommerce platform?

Share your experiences in the comments!

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