Why Keyword Research Is Important for SEO and Marketing

Edgars Kebbe

Updated February 1, 2023

If you’re taking your first steps in the SEO and content marketing, you may wonder, why is keyword research important in digital marketing? This pre-study before publishing your content gives you all the information and insights you need to generate more traffic to your site.

As a result, you get a solid foundation to design an impactful marketing strategy and win the favor of search engines.

Today I present a guide about the keyword importance for your content marketing strategy.

So, let’s get started!

What Is Keyword Research?

people search for content and information of product and business

Keyword research is the process of finding the words and phrases people use when searching for information and content that is relevant to your site and your business.

In addition to revealing their search intent, what do users expect to find? So you can create content that includes the search terms that lead users to your site. Are your main keywords popular for your niche?

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Keyword Research for eCommerce: Beginner’s Guide

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Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Making your own keyword research is essential for business promotion when building eCommerce website from scratch.

More than 200 factors are taken by google algorithms when people search

Google’s search algorithms take into account more than 200 factors. These algorithms consider page content quality, website usability, loading speed, and many other factors.

So as algorithms evolve, SEO strategies also change, but writing content using SEO-relevant keywords will remain essential in increasing a website’s visibility, ranking, and SERP traffic.

So, creating a solid keyword strategy is the first step to working on an SEO resource.

Keyword research allows you to rank on the top page of search engines

Most of the clicks gets first search results in google

According to multiple studies, the first position gets about a third of the clicks, and more than half of the users access the pages that appear in the first three positions of the search results.

It is clear that people do not behave the same way when looking for information about something as they do when they are looking to buy a product.

The data shows that when people are looking for information, clicks are more concentrated on the first results, as these can satisfy the need for information. But when it comes to shopping, it’s a different story. When they decide to buy a product, they search and compare other stores, trying to find opinions and decide on a final option.

Therefore, the clicks made by users are more evenly distributed between the different positions.

Keyword research allows you to rank on the top page of search engines.

Keyword research helps you to create any digital marketing strategy

You need to know which search terms or phrases generate more traffic, understand visitors, and how users formulate their queries.

Most of the online experience begins with search results

According to Bright Edge research, 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine (Source: Brightedge).

SEO keyword research also allows you to understand your competitors and see which strategies are performing the best or underperforming to accelerate your ranking. 

Keyword research helps you to understand your brand and your business

Keywords help you to elaborate a coherent and focused action plan for your business model.

Remember, you are competing with millions of pages! Why keyword research is important as you target keywords that are trending in your niche, those words that users use to learn more and buy the products or services you offer.

Be strategic and careful when doing keyword research it will help to undestand your business

In addition, keyword research allows you be more strategic and careful to get search traffic and gain authority

Keyword research can tell you vital information

A keyword study tells you which terms or phrases generate the highest-ranking opportunities, with analysis and comparison metrics that rank keywords according to monthly search volume, ranking, and difficulty.

Best of all, you have a list of suggestions and possible keyword variations for you to use in your marketing campaigns.

Keyword research lets you know more about people’s searches

This is undoubtedly the most significant reason why keyword research is important for SEO. In the end, you get a deep insight into what your target audience is searching for; you will know what your audience needs and why they are research it.

So what does it do for you? First, to achieve a more comprehensive, complete, and informed SEO strategy. We don’t want improvised attempts. Lead the way!

Can drive traffic to your website

Conclusion keyword research in digital marketing means that you have the best keywords, and with the right amount of them in your content, your users will organically reach your site.

keyword research can lead traffic to your website

The state of inbound marketing results shows that SEO leads have a close rate of 14.6% (Source: Hubspot).

So, bet on quality, original, fun content to boost your conversion rate!

How To Use Keywords Throughout Your Marketing Strategy?

To optimize the content of your website, you must choose keywords appropriate to the context, the same that should be in the title, description, and even in the link to the website.

Website optimization

Here’s how to optimize a web page or a subpage based on a specific keyword:

  • The keyword must be inside the page title, that is to say, inside the “Meta Title” tag.
  • The keyword must also be in the “Meta Description” tag.
  • The keyword that appears in the H1 headline.
  • The keyword that appears in the subheadings H2 and H3.
  • It should be throughout the texts.
  • Keywords must be complemented with other similar ones.
  • Maintain keyword density.
  • In the image tags.
  • In the name of the images.
  • The keyword must be in the longtail URL of the internal page.

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Content topic development

One of the most important aspects of content creation and blog ideas is to plan a publication calendar that includes the topics to be covered and the keywords to be used.

Create blog and make publication calendar to get more leads to you website

The calendar should include the critical points of your audience, choose the topics that get the most hits and make sure that these posts or blog entries appear in Google searches.

But remember that this takes time and analysis: there is always a content strategy with targeted keyword campaigns that can help you stay on track.

For B2B companies that have an active blog (blogging at least once a week), tracking a wide range of keywords related to your company, your industry, and your content can give you insight into which topics may be the most appropriate and suitable for your editorial calendar and, consequently, better plan your content.

However, how to organize these keywords?

A good Inbound approach is based on organizing keywords by campaigns, which are classified according to product or service areas.

It allows you to build a more appropriate content strategy to target your prospects and generate more suitable leads.

To help you understand how a keyword campaign leads to better content planning, you should first consider these points:

  • Using keyword research tools (SE Ranking, Google keyword planner, Semrush, Ahrefs, etc.)
  • Build your keyword list for your campaigns.
  • Align your content with keyword campaigns to better analyze your effectiveness.

Including keywords in personal profiles will help build Personal Branding, while in company profiles, it will boost profile visibility and improve online reputation.

Social media profile optimization

It is recommended to include keywords in the following locations:

Facebook and Instagram

  • In the profile name.
  • In the general information and information about your fields of personal profiles.
  • In the description field of the fan page.
  • In publications or events that are shared.
  • In the title of videos that are made.


  • In the bio or bios of personal and company profiles.
  • In tweets via hashtags.

Google My Business

  • Add keywords in the descriptions.
  • Use them in the name of your products and services.


  • In the title, excerpt, and professional experience fields of a personal LinkedIn profile.
  • In the title, description, and specialties of a company page.
  • In the title and text of publications shared through this channel.
  • In articles written and published directly on this network.

Why Are Keyword Research Important For SEO?

Keyword research will show you which keywords to focus on and what your customers want and need from your products.

Use keyword research tools to sell more products

Keyword research tools will help you sell more products, but it will also help you support and retain more customers.

Get found online

A good selection makes it possible for our website to appear higher in search engine results pages and attract much more organic traffic.

Keep in mind that the first three results of Google are the ones that get most of the most visits, and that very few users go beyond the first page of results.

Increase your brand authority

Nothing compares to being number one, that great position of importance where everyone can see you and recognize your quality and performance.

By achieving a good positioning with the appropriate keywords, you enjoy having a good position in the search engines and providing a good impression of your brand to users by being above your competition.

Identify low competition content opportunities

Long-tail keywords usually represent the most specific searches. Even if only 10, 20, 100, or 500 people are searching for something using these terms a month, you should be interested in them.

In many cases, these keywords convert website visitors into customers much better than more seed keywords, as they have a lower keyword difficulty.

It happens because these people already know exactly what they want to find. If you can provide them with precisely what they are asking for, it’s a win-win situation.

Keyword research lets you know the most popular searches in different countries and cities in a specific period.

In this way, they comprise a handy content marketing tool for your blog’s content strategy, helping you to identify trends through the prolonged growth of traffic on specific keywords, which is interesting to take advantage of to improve your SEO.

Understand search intent

You can detect the information users want to find in the main search engines. And the more specific you are when creating content, the better results you will get.

Using the search intent makes the most relevant search engines, such as Google, position the pages that better adapt to the information users want.


Just a few final recommendations so as not to make this post longer. When implementing search engine optimization in a digital marketing strategy, trust one of the different keyword research tools available (SE Ranking, Google keyword planner, Semrush, Ahrefs, etc.) to help you.

Remember that your primary focus has to be your target audience, not Google or any other search engine. So include your keywords, but always in a natural way that does not seem strange to the reader. Google is becoming increasingly more “intelligent,” Its priority is that the results it returns when a user performs a search are relevant and solve their need.

Likewise, don’t forget what to do after keyword research.

Of course, keyword research is a small aspect of everything that makes SEO. But it is essential and will undoubtedly bring outstanding results if you do things right.

Any doubts or questions? Please let me know in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the keyword research process?

Keyword research is the process of analyzing users’ search patterns on search engines. You will know the terms users type when searching for a product or service. The method includes researching, collating, and selecting target keywords phrase with the best chance of attracting search traffic to your website.

Why is keyword research important for content marketing?

Keyword research is one of the most essential factors in content marketing and requires a deep analysis of the market. Whether it is to sell products online or because you have a blog or content website, keyword research allows you to achieve a higher rate of visits, clicks, and sales.

Why Is Keyword Research Important for SEO?

Keyword research is vital as it provides you with all the data and information for your business to achieve a more significant online presence. For example, it shows you the most used terms in your niche and which ones you should target according to your competition. So, you can create a more solid SEO campaign that will put you in the search engine’s eyes and increase your number of visits. 

What is keyword analysis in digital marketing?

The keyword analysis encompasses the methodology used to find the words and phrases people use when searching for information and content that is relevant to your site and business. In digital marketing, keyword research will form the basis of your content, conversion optimization, link building, and other SEO efforts.

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